Process Operator I, II

US Methanol LLC
400 Capitol Street, Second Floor Charleston, WV 25301

 Education, experience, qualifications and/or training:

  • High school diploma or higher education required.

  • 5-7 years operational experience including DCS operations in a similar industry required.

Competitive salary, PTO, medical, dental, vision and paid holidays.

Job Type: Full-time. Plant environment. Rotating 12-hour shift system.


How to Apply

Send resume to:



Job Summary / Overview:

Responsible for monitoring the operations of the methanol plant on the DCS in the Control Room. He/she monitors the processes and makes adjustment to maintain the safe operating limits and the production of on-spec. product quality. This position also functions in emergency operations on the DCS with assistance from the Senior Operator or Supervisor. Skilled in all ‘field’ areas of the process plant and assists the other field operators in monitoring and troubleshooting equipment remotely from the DCS or in the field as required.

Essential Job Functions:

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

  • Ensures all HSE systems and procedures are adhered to.

  • Reviews permits other than safe work permits and all applicable supporting documents prior to issuance. Participates in job safety analyses (JSA’s) for specific jobs to ensure all risks are mitigated, thereby ensuring safety of personnel/environment and integrity of equipment are maintained.

  • Reviews the results of the field Operators safety equipment checks and ensures the results are uploaded into the relevant files.

  • Ensures all plant equipment are operated within the safe envelope and in accordance to the relevant SOPs to maintain the safety of personnel, equipment, and/or the environment.

  • Ensures all incidents are reported in a prompt manner and actions taken to prevent re-occurrence and share the lessons learned.

  • Participates in training and assist in the execution of any safety or process related training.

Training and Development

  • Leads by example, be a role model for junior operators and support the development of their skills and attributes.

  • Conduct basic DCS, complex loop and CEM training for the field operators.

  • Provides effective guidance for work prioritization on a day to day basis to meet department and organization’s objectives and goals.

  • Proactively coaches junior operators.

Routine Operations

  • Monitors the plant operations via graphics and trends etc. on the DCS on a continuous basis and take regular readings.

  • Assist in the start-up and shutdown of the various process units from the DCS under guidance from the Senior Operator or the Shift Supervisor.

  • Possess a good working knowledge of all Control Loops, DCS and SIS alarms and trip set points.

  • Thorough working knowledge of the Delta V DCS system and how to build trends, adjust parameters to keep the system on-line etc.

  • Assist in shift handovers and generation of reports.

  • Follow up on all maintenance work in the field and provide updates to the Senior Operator and Shift Supervisor in a timely manner.

  • Ensures all routine and scheduled checks including all sampling are performed by the field Operators and all results, service requests etc. are completed prior to shift handover.

  • Reviews and assist in preparing all special procedures (including LOTOs and isolations plans) which are required for equipment maintenance activities.

  • Ensure all operating procedures (work instructions and checklists) are adhered too at all times. Confirms equipment, safety and start-up checklists etc. are properly completed and signed as per schedule.


  • Assist field Operators in troubleshooting abnormal plant or equipment conditions

  • Promptly share findings to the relevant persons/departments or incoming/outgoing shifts to implement corrective actions.

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