Operations Shift Supervisor

US Methanol LLC
400 Capitol Street, Second Floor Charleston, WV 25301

Education, experience, qualifications and/or training:

  • High school diploma or equivalent required.

  • 10-12 years operational supervisory or management experience in a related field (Methanol, Ammonia, Petrochemicals or Refinery) and thorough knowledge of these unit processes required.

Competitive salary, PTO, medical, dental, vision and paid holidays.

Job Type: Full-time. Plant environment. Rotating 12-hour shift system.


How to Apply

Send resume to:



Job Summary / Overview:

The Shift Supervisor provides day to day operational guidance and leadership in the monitoring, operations and management of the methanol manufacturing facility to ensure safe, reliable and cost-efficient plant operations. Provides clear directions to the Operations Shift.   Works with other teams in the planning, scheduling and execution of maintenance activities.   Ensures approved polices, guidelines, procedures and performance management systems are complied with by each member of the Shift.  The Shift Supervisor leads by example and is responsible for training, developing, mentoring and managing the performance of all direct reports. Ensures the Shift teams are always adequately staffed including for emergency situations.  This position acts as the initial Incident Commander for any incidents on the facility and is accountable for the initial response and management of incidents to ensure the safety of all personnel and assets, internal and external neighbors as well as environmental protection.   During off-hours, weekends and holidays, this position assumes full responsibility for the Site.  This position reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer.

Essential Job Functions:

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

  • Ensures all HSE systems, policies and procedures are adhered to.

  • Supports and promotes a pro-active HSE culture among all team members including other departments and contractors. Develops HSE leadership skills for Operators.

  • Performs compliance audits (including joint plant safety audits) and take appropriate actions to correct non-compliance in a timely manner and reinforces positive behaviors.

  • Executes Safe Control of Work processes including reviewing and making recommendations to job safety analyses (JSA’s) to ensure all risks are mitigated, thereby ensuring safety of personnel/environment and integrity of equipment are maintained. Perform audits on tool-box meetings at the start of and during maintenance work.

  • Develop and work in a manner to comply with all HSE performance metrics.

  • Ensures all safety equipment are functioning properly.

  • Monitors all lab analysis, performance metrics, plant effluents and air emissions to confirm they are within the environmental limits and take appropriate and timely corrective measures in the event of any deviations.

  • Ensures all plant equipment are operated within the safe envelope and in accordance to the relevant Process Safety Information (PSI) and SOPs to maintain the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment. Initiates Management of Change (MOC) process as needed for any changing conditions.

  • Ensures all Shift team members are equipped with the correct safety gears and PPE’s and properly trained to perform their duties.

  • Ensures plant cleanliness and proper housekeeping are always maintained and provide clear directions in the management and containment of spills, ensuring proper handling and disposal of hazardous substances.

  • Ensures all incidents are reported in a prompt manner and actions taken to prevent re-occurrence and share the lessons learned.

  • Participate in incident investigations as required and the findings and corrective actions are communicated to all Shift members.

  • Performs all duties as specified in the plant and site Emergency Response Plans including planned emergency drills.

  • Ensures all mandatory and recommended safety training are completed in a timely manner and all team members safety training records are updated and within compliance.

  • Provide clear directions for the safe start-up and shut down of equipment in normal and emergency scenarios.

  • Continuously monitors the process for abnormal conditions which may lead to production loss/upsets or negative environmental impacts and take proactive steps to mitigate risks. Consult Operations Manager and others if required.

  • Adheres to and support full compliance to HSE related rules, regulations, guidelines and corporate requirements and management systems.

Plant Performance

Routine Operations

  • Identify and analyze plant performance and productivity and make recommendations to implement approved adjustments to mitigate any threats or potential loss of production.

  • Always conduct risk assessments to identify and rank risks and identify the proper risk reduction controls.

  • Ensure all Shifts operate the Plant consistently and within Operating Control Limits.

  • Provides guidance and directions to optimize raw materials usage to enhance plant operations.

  • Plan and establish work schedules, assignments, and production sequences to meet production goals.

  • Coordinates activities between Operations and other departments with the aim to improve reliability and efficiency.

Plant and Equipment Monitoring

  • Monitors all plant operating conditions to identify potential issues and opportunities for improvements in a timely manner.

  • Follow up on all laboratory testing and results in a timely manner to ensure all operating parameters are maintained within limits and take appropriate steps to correct any deviations.

  • Ensures any risks associated with process deviations and equipment defects or abnormalities are assessed and rectified promptly.

  • Provide timely updates on all plant issues to the relevant personnel.

  • Verify the nature of service requests with Shift members, assess and determine priorities and follow the progression throughout its lifecycle. Confirm all service request generated during shift are relayed to the incoming shifts.

  • Prepare and generate Shift reports as required.

  • Ensures proper Shift handovers are conducted and critical information are relayed to all involved. Effective communication during shift change is vital.

  • Maintain oversight on all product loading activities.


  • Provide direction to Shifts members to systematically troubleshoot abnormal plant situations.

  • Promptly share findings to the relevant persons/departments to implement corrective actions.

  • Work with other departments personnel for their input and support when resolving complex operational and technical issues.

  • Participate in multidisciplinary team diagnosing and troubleshooting process and maintenance related issues.

Abnormal Plant Situations

  • Make prompt and sound decisions to protect personnel, neighbors, asset and the environment in all abnormal situations.

  • Provide the necessary guidance to the Shift during abnormal plant situations and emergencies.

  • Perform duties as required in the Emergency Response Team according to the Emergency Response Plan.

  • Follow the schedule for plant start-up and shut-down activities taking into consideration maintenance work, equipment availability and overall safety.

Procedures Management

  • Ensure all operating procedures (work instructions and checklists) are properly completed and signed.

  • Routinely reviews HAZOP recommendations to maintain high awareness to critical elements.

  • Ensure scheduled revision of operating procedures and other related documents are completed as assigned.

  • Ensure operating procedures are updated after plant modifications (MOC) prior to systems being put in service. Also ensure all Shift members are updated/competent on the changes.

  • Identify, develop, review and approve all special procedures that are required for preparing plant, systems and equipment for maintenance.

Maintenance and Turnaround Activities

  • Ensures operational activities are properly coordinated for timely handover of equipment for maintenance.

  • Manage the lock out/tag out (LOTO), and test program for all plant isolations. Review all isolation plans and approve prior to implementation.

  • Provide oversight to Shift members to ensure all process related risks are eliminated, isolated or minimized before systems and equipment are handed over to maintenance.

  • Advises Operations and/or Plant Manager on authorization request for interlock bypasses, safety bypasses, safety equipment defects and deviations from work standards. Ensure all associated risks are duly assessed and effectively controlled.

  • Participate in turnaround planning by working with other departments to identify critical jobs, prioritize maintenance work and ensure operational defects are clearly understood.

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