Camps and Workshops

Each year, RCBI offers week-long Maker Camps in June and July. Campers from middle school to high school age get firsthand experience in 3D design, 3D printing, laser cutting, assembly, coding, soldering, basic electronics, electromagnetism, hydraulics and other STEM-related activities. 

Campers explore careers in manufacturing and technology as they tour local businesses, startups or production facilities. They also engage in activities that introduce an entrepreneurial mindset and encourage exploration of new approaches and possibilities. Participants come away with experiences that improve their confidence. Finally, at the end of the week, campers participate in a Maker Fest that gives them an opportunity to share their creations, and all they’ve learned, with their family members!

Don’t miss our 3D Printing and Maker Camps in June and July!

Campers ages 9 to 16 will gain first-hand experience in 3D design and printing, computer coding, electronics, 2D design, and laser cutting. Campers also will explore careers in manufacturing and learn about related technology.

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For more information about camps or other interactive educational opportunities, view our Maker Vault or contact Deacon Stone.