Don’t miss our 3D Printing and Maker Camps in June and July

Campers ages 9 to 16 will gain first-hand experience in 3D design and printing, computer coding, electronics, 2D design, and laser cutting. Campers also will explore careers in manufacturing and learn about related technology.

In-person participants will complete a custom-designed 3D printed project and a custom laser-cut project! They will explore product creation using open-source and free tools they’ll retain access to following the camp. Campers will learn what it takes to go from an idea to a final product, design and manufacturing steps, and also gain exposure to competitive robotics platforms they can participate in at school, or by forming their own teams. Coding, programming, and basic electronics will be covered in this year’s camps!

The cost is $180 per student, which includes all supplies, snacks, lunch daily, and a manufacturer tour. Thanks to Suddenlink – becoming Optimum! – a limited number of full scholarships are available for each camp for students from families facing financial challenges. To apply, fill out the registration form then complete an application instead of proceeding to payment. We’ll contact you shortly.

Dates & Times:

  • Maker Camp Huntington: June 20-24 (Closed: Completed)
  • Maker Camp Charleston: July 11-15 (Closed: Completed)
  • Maker Camp Bridgeport:  July 25-29

Monday – Friday

  • 9 a.m. – 2:00 daily
  • *Allow time for our Maker Fest at pickup on Friday! (Until 3:00!)

What You’ll Need

  • Parents will receive links to sign up for free/open-source design platforms, providing camper continued access to critical tools for use in-camp and beyond.
  • Parents will receive a menu of items to select for lunches through the week, indicate dietary restrictions and preferences for their camper(s).

What You’ll Receive
Campers will receive their custom-designed 3D printed and laser-cut projects, a camp T-shirt, sponsor swag, and certificate  presented during the Friday Maker Fair!

Campers will receive highly interactive 3D design training and guidance. Campers will learn 3D printer operation and see designs take shape as they print their own creations!

Campers also will receive 2D design training, create custom laser-cut projects, and receive free, remote-controlled LED light displays for their transparent laser creations!

The NASA Katherine Johnson IV&V Facility Education Resource Center will provide robotics, coding and programming content during the camp. Free, accessible tools and resources related to robotics clubs and competitions throughout the region will be explored.

Participants will receive an exclusive tour of RCBI’s Maker Vault, Center for Innovation and Shared Manufacturing spaces, learning about 3D printing, computer-controlled machining, laser cutting, and other manufacturing processes.

Special Thanks
As in past years, major funding for our 3D Printing & Maker Camps is provided by Nuts Bolts & Thingamajigs, the charitable foundation of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International, and by Suddenlink – becoming Optimum.