Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a systematic and fact-driven method used to eliminate process deficiencies and variation, thereby reducing cost and increasing profit. It strives for near-perfection in all processes. Six Sigma includes basic concepts such as data analysis, variation types, common and special causes, team member roles and responsibilities, and the DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control) process improvement method.

Green Belts are the first layer of practitioners in an organization’s Six Sigma initiative. They are trained to use fundamental Six Sigma tools to improve processes in their functional areas. This focus allows the Green Belt to work on small carefully defined Six Sigma projects, requiring less than a Black Belt’s full-time commitment to Six Sigma throughout the organization.

The Six Sigma Champion is the key role to success in process development and the acceptance of culture change necessary for a winning solution. Proper project identification and selection are critical to achieving Six Sigma. Selecting projects with the best potential for success, foreseeing potential obstacles and setting realistic expectations will ultimately drive financial results.

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