Pre-Assessment/Gap Analysis

A gap analysis applies to Management Systems such as ISO 9001:2008. It is typically the initial step in the QMS certification process. It is used to identify areas within a QMS that do not meet defined requirements for certification. This can include processes, persons or product. The results of the gap analysis are based on objective evidence, such as records reviewed, interviews conducted and observations made.

A pre-assessment, or practice assessment, is usually the initial phase of the accreditation process. It is conducted prior to a conformity assessment to identify areas that must be improved or corrected before accreditation can be attained. It focuses on assessing an organization’s competencies and performance of required tasks, such as measurement of uncertainty (MU), metrological traceability and proficiency testing (PT) as defined by ISO 17025:2005.

Both identify nonconformities or gaps between what exists and what is required by the standard or other defined criteria but they are not interchangeable terms.

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