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West Virginia manufacturers and individuals who need access to world-class tools, training and support will find them at the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI).

Each of RCBI’s statewide Manufacturing Technology Centers offers a full range of major league, state-of-the-market CNC manufacturing equipment that can be used to produce prototypes and short production runs, all through our low-cost leasing program.

Each center is staffed with a technical manager and a CNC machinist. These technical experts are there for one reason: to assist you with demonstrations and technical training in programming, set-up and operation of the equipment. Additionally, each site is equipped with sophisticated computer lab and videoconferencing facilities to help smaller shops compete in a big world.

You supply an operator, raw materials, any perishable tooling and your share of resourcefulness. The dedicated team at RCBI will take it from there.

Bridgeport Manufacturing Technology Center - Staff & Equipment

Charleston Manufacturing Technology Center - Staff & Equipment

Huntington Manufacturing Technology Center - Staff & Equipment

Partnerships with national vendors

Through partnerships with national equipment vendors, RCBI provides access to the type of high-tech production equipment that offers manufacturers a boost in the global market.

RCBI provides shop-floor space for this computer-controlled equipment and makes it available to manufacturers to meet their training and production needs.

For more than 15 years RCBI has taken advantage of such partnership arrangements, which have resulted in making available more than a half-million dollars worth of production equipment. Vendors including Haas, the Davis-Taylor-Forster Co. (DTF), Cincinnati Machine, and Blue Ridge Machinery and Tools have placed equipment at RCBI Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers to meet industry’s workforce development, training and production needs.

This high-tech equipment, and more, is available now. For more information, call 800.469.RCBI (7224) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.