Manufacturing Services

 How do manufacturers compete in a global market? By accessing the world-class tools, training and support at RCBI.

RCBI’s statewide Manufacturing Technology Centers in Bridgeport, Charleston and Huntington offer a full range of state-of-the-market CNC manufacturing equipment that can be used to produce prototypes and short production runs, all through our low-cost leasing program.

Through partnerships with national equipment vendors, RCBI provides access to the type of high-tech production equipment that offers manufacturers a boost in the global market. RCBI provides shop-floor space for this computer-controlled equipment and makes it available to manufacturers to meet their training and production needs.

In addition to its high-tech offerings, each of RCBI’s three centers boasts a technical staff that helps in programming, set-up and operation of the equipment. Our technical staff also provides training on any of our technology and equipment. They also provide technical training at your company site.

If you need assistance in your manufacturing process, think RCBI. For more information, call 800.469.RCBI (7224) or email