Additive Manufacturing with 3D Printers

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) revolution is underway, and with access to leading edge tools, such as 3D Printers, you can turn your innovative ideas into reality.

An early leader in the use of 3D Printing, RCBI is a founding member of America Makes, the national accelerator for additive manufacturing in the United States that is the leading and collaborative partner in Additive Manufacturing and 3DP technology research, discovery, creation and innovation.

RCBI also is leading the effort to expand apprenticeship opportunities in not just additive but advanced manufacturing – making them more accessible and affordable for employers.

The additive technology starts with a digital file, which is used to produce a finished item or a working prototype by adding layer upon layer of a powdered, dust-like thermoplastic, composite or metal material. AM already is contributing to a variety of industries, including health care, aerospace, architecture, the arts, automotive, sporting goods and tourism.

With the assistance of RCBI staff, you can use 3D Printers to turn a concept into an actual item in hours. AM technology allows quick modifications and nearly instantaneous design changes so customization is easy and fast.

3D printing promises to create new industries, jobs and opportunities. You can use this innovation for a competitive advantage. RCBI will show you how.

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