Early Stage Funding Opportunities

RCBI offers early-stage funding opportunities to small businesses and entrepreneurs to empower new ideas by bridging the gap between concept and prototype. Each initiative provides seed funding for design engineering, prototype development, process/production quality management and advanced technology skill-set training.

Through a rotating series of efforts that include InnovateWV, StartUpWV and Agricultural Innovation, RCBI delivers technical assistance designed to turn ideas for new products or processes into reality, generating new jobs and business opportunities – especially in the technology-based manufacturing sector of our economy. While the funding cycle may not currently allow assistance from each of the efforts, the Early Stage Funding list (in the green box at the upper right) will display each initiative that is available.

After you submit the appropriate electronic form (selected from the list in the green box at the upper right), an RCBI representative will contact you within two working days to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

In addition, through one-on-one consultation and focused workshops, RCBI delivers assistance to communities, small businesses and organizations to help them compete for foundation, state and federal funding opportunities. Project partners also are available to assist with project planning and proposal review of Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer funding ideas.