Manufacturers interested in expanded business opportunities – from securing either federal or commercial procurement opportunities or seeking new markets – should join RCBI’s 21ST Century Manufacturing Network.

The 21ST Century Manufacturing Network helps manufacturers of all sizes - from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies – succeed through improved use of the latest technologies and expert technical assistance.

The network is an on-line clearinghouse made up of more than 400 members of the West Virginia manufacturing community. Most of the members are manufacturers that see the benefits of coming together, collaborating, interconnecting and being an integral part of a new, dynamic, electronic supply chain. Because most members have unique strengths and capabilities that are complementary to others, by collaborating they can experience winning opportunities.

Through the RCBI network, members can:

  1. receive and share timely information about business and contract opportunities
  2. connect for possible business collaborations, and
  3. combine their strengths to compete more effectively in the global market.

As a member of the 21ST Century Manufacturing Network, you can sign up for automatic, electronic bid notices.

The network’s platform also provides an extensive list of workplace training and certification opportunities available through RCBI.