Today’s national and global scale world is rapidly changing with new technologies, expanding markets and consumer demands. With these changes also come the challenge to keep abreast of current trends and retain a competitive edge. To flourish, collaboration is required so you can bring a broader skill set and wider perspective – along with the shared responsibility to combine the knowledge, creativity and experience of others.

RCBI has a deep history of building and participating in project collaborations that span from the federal level to a one-on-one prototype with an individual entrepreneur. Grant initiatives such as the EDA University Center and the Rural Jobs and Innovation Accelerator are successful collaborations initiated by RCBI. Other remarkable collaborations include building partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, state and federal agencies, local municipalities and academia.

RCBI also continues to participate in the successful collaborative development of our nation’s first National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII), now branded America Works.

Other examples of collaborations include:

  • Workforce training and curriculum development
  • Small business development and entrepreneurism
  • Business development workshops on commercialization
  • Grant project and initiative development
  • Product development and management
  • Federal projects
  • Workshops and seminars