Business Development

Many of the challenges facing West Virginia-area manufacturers are typical of those faced by manufacturing businesses worldwide, including the need to improve products, processes and overall competitiveness in response to persistent marketplace pressures.

More than 400 corporate members of our manufacturing community have come together to network, communicate, coordinate, and collectively improve their game. The forum for their communication is the 21ST Century Manufacturing Network, a program of RCBI.

The 21ST Century Manufacturing Network serves as the clearinghouse where manufacturers can link up to open markets and exploit otherwise-untapped opportunities. Through it, even the smallest manufacturing company can access contracts from the Department of Defense and other federal agencies, as well as private sector contracting opportunities domestically and internationally.

The RCBI Business Development group supports West Virginia-area manufacturers with expert assistance and guidance to navigate complex federal and commercial contracting requirements.

In successful organizations, communication and networking are essential. We encourage you to join us in the 21ST Century Manufacturing Network if you have not already. And we also encourage you to call on us at the RCBI Business Development group if you need expert assistance in your bidding.

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Business Development Group

Tom Minnich
Director of Business and Project Development
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