Economic Development

RCBI plays an important role in economic development by connecting small and mid-sized manufacturers to the opportunities of first-tier suppliers as well as larger industrial sector ones. RCBI’s business and workforce development teams coupled with the RCBI 21ST Century Manufacturing Network also support economic growth by: 

  • Forming partnerships with federal, state and local Economic Development Authorities to collaboratively address economic weaknesses and fully utilize economic strengths
  • Uniting sleeping assets such as small manufacturers and suppliers with larger manufacturers
  • Providing shared manufacturing equipment options and product design services for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Connecting companies with academia to develop new innovations, research and development for technology transfer and innovation
  • Evolving workforce development education and training programs to meet current employer demand in higher technologies to market needs
  • Building on existing resources to empower communities and organizations to compete with other industrial clusters, both nationally and globally

Through partnerships with national equipment vendors, RCBI continues to provide access to the type of high tech production equipment that offers manufacturers a boost in the global market. RCBI provides shop-floor space for the computer-controlled equipment and makes it available to manufacturers to meet their training and production needs. For more than 20 years RCBI has taken advantage of such partnership arrangements, which have resulted in industry investment in excess of $34 (M) million in production equipment – a commitment to future economic growth by private industry.