Solidworks Essentials

Start Date:
21. January 2018
Finish date:
23. January 2018
750.00 USD


Course Description:

This course teaches students to use the SolidWorks mechanical design software to build parametric models of parts and assemblies. It is designed to give the foundation necessary for the higher level courses in this program. This course covers general parts modeling and how to make detail drawings of these parts.

Course Prerequisites:

Windows Operating System - CAD or Drafting experience recommended but not required.


Course Outline:

 1. System Settings   2. Document Templates   3. Basic Solid Modeling - Extrude Options   4. Basic Solid Modeling - Extrude and Revolve   5. Revolved Parts   6. Rib and Shell Features   7. Linear and Circular Patterns   8. Part Configurations   9. Modeling Threads   10. Bottom Up Assemblies   11. Layout Assemblies with Motion studies   12. Drawing Preparations   13. Assembly Drawings   14. Drawing Views - Detailing a machined block   15. Sheet Metal Drawings   16. Converting AutoCAD into SolidWorks   17. Part, Assembly and Drawing Confiurations   18. Part and Assembly Design tables

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