Custom Manufacturing Services Inc.

CMS logoCustom Manufacturing Services Inc. (CMS), an established manufacturing services company in Princeton, W.Va., has benefited from a recent series of workforce training courses from RCBI that helps enhance its competitiveness and improve its quality. The company provides a wide range of turnkey manufacturing services including through-hole assembly of circuit boards, cable and harness assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, sheet metal fabrication, and finishing.

The company produces high-quality custom sheet metal parts and enclosures made from aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Anne Sergent, CMS’s Human Resources Manager, noted that CMS is highly experienced in all aspects of sheet metal fabrication, and its engineering staff is committed to providing early design assistance. From concept to prototype, she said, CMS offers manufacturability recommendations and cost reduction ideas.

She said that one of her company’s services is sheet metal fabrication with the unique capability of turnkey electro-mechanical assembly. “We are able to fabricate a customer’s sheet metal enclosures and include the wiring harnesses and sub-assemblies.”

CMS also offers the latest in powder coating and wet spray coating technologies, so its customers are provided with the peace of mind that its fabricated parts will last, according to Sergent. “From low volume and prototype runs to high productions runs, CMS understands that its coatings are not only required to last but the appearance must match in color, gloss and texture across, at times, multiple lots and part numbers,” she said.

To enhance its operations, Custom Manufacturing Services turned to RCBI in 2013 for customized workforce training for its employees. Sergent explained that CMS and RCBI worked together to arrange the specific types of training required, the time frames required by the company to complete the training and its implementation.

The course topics included Supervisor training, Precision Measurement training, SolidWorks 3D training and 14001 Environmental training. Sergent said 24 employees benefited directly from the training presented by RCBI, and she offered the following comments:

  • “The Supervisor course aided our company by training our employees who were transitioning into the supervisor role and employees who were already supervisors but who may have needed a refresher. The instruction gave the participants a greater confidence in their roles and provided them with the necessary skills required to be a supervisor.”
  • “The Precision Measurement course allowed our employees to understand the fundamentals of measuring each piece of material. The participants were able to come back to the production floor and assist other employees with the proper measuring techniques required for all employees to measure the same. This allowed our company to have a better quality product since each piece of material would now be measured identically by the production employees and quality team.”
  • “The SolidWorks 3D was a course requested by our engineering team. We have customers who use SolidWorks, and our engineers only had a basic knowledge [of it] prior to this course. CMS believes that training our engineers on this program has given us a stronger engineering group. We are able to work with the customer's drawings now, have a better understanding of how the program works and can create a faster turnaround time.”
  • “The 14001 Environmental training was an overview course provided to our Quality Director. CMS is currently ISO 9001 certified, but is looking at the benefits of adding the environmental certification. The training gave us the basic understanding of how the 14001 Environmental standard works and what we need to do as a company to become certified.”

Sergent praised RCBI’s instructors and said they “were very knowledgeable on their respective training courses taught and time frames were all met. Overall, we have been impressed with the availability of the classes and the professionalism of the instructors.”

“CMS has become a stronger company because of the training courses received from RCBI,” she added. “Our company is a firm believer in being up-to-date with current techniques, technologies and processes.”

Sergent noted that CMS is currently in a transition phase to become a stronger, leaner company and the customized training it received from RCBI was necessary to assist in the transition. “Custom Manufacturing Services would recommend other companies take the time to research what RCBI has to offer,” Sergent concluded.

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