RCBI Staffer Named to National 3D Printing Group

August 28, 2014

HUNTINGTON — Lucinda Curry, the director of workforce and recruiting development at the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI), has been selected to join a national committee formulating education and use of 3D Printing technology.

Curry is serving on the Workforce and Educational Outreach Advisory Committee for America Makes.The committee is developing a roadmap for the organization to use to support workforce education efforts in Additive Manufacturing technology, better known as 3D Printing.

“We recognize that career skills are integral to success in industry,” said Charlotte Weber, RCBI Director & CEO. “And RCBI is fortunate to have talented individuals such as Lucinda available to chart the workforce path during the surging growth of 3D Printing technology.”

"Lucinda’s extensive experience in workforce issues, developed over a career rich with recruiting and education, is a perfect fit on this national roadmap,” Weber said. “Her expertise will help steer the industry group’s efforts as it develops and guides worker skill initiatives to ensure this revolutionary technology grows.”

America Makes, based in Youngstown, Ohio, is focused on enhancing the 3D Printing industry in the United States.

A founding member of America Makes, RCBI encourages job creation, economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting manufacturing companies of all sizes. As part of this effort, RCBI offers access to 3D Printing technology at its Advanced Technology Centers in Huntington, Charleston and Bridgeport, and provides the expertise needed to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.