RCBI provides face shields to Hospice of Huntington

Chris Shaffer and Carol Matheny with face shieldsWhen Hospice of Huntington couldn’t find face masks or shields for all of its employees, Carol Matheny, who is in charge of quality assurance, performance improvement and utilization review, reached out to Marshall University’s Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) for help.

While the Hospice staff takes care of patients who are near the end of life at its inpatient facility, the majority of patients are seen in their homes. The organization needed personal protective equipment for its staff, and like many on the front lines in health care, was finding it difficult to secure enough.

“Carol contacted RCBI because Hospice staff members had been unsuccessful in acquiring face shields for their staff,” said Arley Carpenter, director of manufacturing services for RCBI. “We are glad we could help such a dedicated group of health professionals.”

“We are really grateful, and this is an answer to prayers because we have not been able to find enough for our staff,” Matheny said.

In addition to face shields, RCBI is supporting the West Virginia National Guard’s effort to provide personal protective equipment to healthcare workers and first responders by using 3D printing and laser cutting technology to produce N95 masks and face shields.

“RCBI is fortunate to have advanced technology and expertise we can leverage during this pandemic to assist our first responders and health care professionals,” said Charlotte Weber, RCBI director & CEO. “We will continue to work tirelessly to serve our communities in need.”