Date: Fri. 20 Sep, 2019 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Categories: RCBI Events*
Location: Bridgeport

The Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) will sponsor a free seminar Sept. 20 in Bridgeport featuring the latest 3D printing and industrial laser technologies. Experts from TRUMPF, a worldwide technology leader in machine tools and lasers for manufacturing, will highlight how lasers and 3D printing can be applied in various industrial sectors. Because of the large aerospace presence in north central West Virginia, the event will emphasize how this equipment and related processes can be used to innovate, lower production costs and reduce waste in that sector.

Attendees will learn about two 3D printing techniques: laser metal fusion and laser metal deposition, methods used to manufacture complex parts and for coating and repairing components. The afternoon presentation will feature industrial lasers for cutting, welding, marking and processing surfaces. Participants will have the opportunity to examine parts produced or modified using these advanced technologies and to ask questions. Lunch will be provided. Register here